How to Write Rap Lyrics in Hindi (Complete Guide)

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How to write rap lyrics in Hindi: Hello Rap Lovers! Today in this post we are going to discuss the most trending or very useful content which is helpful for our young and talented minds of India.

So, in this post, we are solving all of your problems and give you a clear-cut idea, teach you how to write rap lyrics in Hindi.

What are you waiting for? read this article theorally and start creating the Rap song in Hindi.

What is Rapping? 

How to write rap lyrics in hindi
How to write rap lyrics in hindi

Rapping is a musical form of vocal delivery that incorporates rhyme, rhythmic speech, figurative expression and street vernacular which is performed or chanted in a variety of ways.

Major components of rap include

1. Content (what is being said),

2. Flow (rhythm, rhyme)

3. Delivery (cadence, tone)

Rap is often associated with hip-hop music, but the origins of the phenomenon predate hip-hop culture. The earliest precursor to modern rap is the West African griot tradition, in which “oral historians” or “praise-singers”, would disseminate oral traditions and genealogies, or use their formidable rhetorical techniques for gossip or to “praise or critique individuals.”

Today, the term rap is so closely associated with hip-hop music that many writers use the terms interchangeably.

Rapping is a form of street poetry that consists of talking in a rhythmic pattern while ending each phrase or group of words with rhyming syllables.

To be an expert in rapping you need a hell of an amount of hard work and dedication.

Do you want to be the one? Then follow our steps to write the best rap in Hindi:

#1. Framing The Outline

How to write rap lyrics in hindi
How to write rap lyrics in hindi

Before you start, Get ur brain empty, take a pen on a blank page and then try to frame the outline of your song. Write everything that comes into your mind! In each line, just try to feel the emotion by rapping the line yourself and sense how it will create in people’s minds.

#2. Finding Song Title 

The best tip to write rap lyrics in Hindi is should start with finding the perfect title of your project. The easiest way to brainstorm lyrics for a song is to come up with possible song titles. Try to listen to as many songs as possible try to analyze words, meanings, rhyming words. Feel what you write once you give the title 20% of your work of done! Remember, the longest journey starts with that first step.

#3. Listen

Listen to every kind of rap music, like party rap, storytelling, gangsta rap etc, and appreciate it. So that you’ll understand the difference in various words, topics and many more. Because, in the beginning, when you start writing, you will go off-topic, for sure. Stay on the topic. When you listen, listen carefully. How the simplest of words are bent to sound like or to rhyme with others. Where they’re put, and why does it have a ring to it.

#4: Structuring the Lyrics

Start by writing what is in your heart. You can always make it better once you start the editing and refining process. The first bars you’ll write will look like a poem, well, they should. You’ll find it lame, but that’s how it’s supposed to be. You don’t get everything in just one shot, first, you need to do what’s necessary. And there is no way around it. You’ll find it tough when it comes to the start, you’ll be confused, more clueless, about ‘where do I start? But you’ll soon come to the grips. Keep experimenting, write down complex rhymes, learn what syllables are. (Yeah, there is technical stuff too.)
But you’ll come around it in no time and you’ll be amazed by your rhyming skills.
If something cool comes into your mind, but it is irrelevant concerning the topic, don’t force it in there. Never do that, instead, write it down somewhere and make it a part of your arsenal.

#5. Converting Words Into Beat

This is the most important step to follow, Once you are done with the above all steps the lyrics are in your hand! Good, you did 90% of your work. You can find many rap beats on YouTube, Google, Start making you a list of all the producers you like that are giving free beats and visit them often to see what’s new and show them love and support.

How to write a rap over a beat? 

Nothing is easy, Think of your voice as an instrument. More specifically, think about it like a snare drum or a different percussive instrument. Think of each word as a note on that drum, and then arrange your words to fit a certain rhythm that best matches the beat.


Hope you guys liked our article. I would like to conclude that writing rap lyrics in the Hindi language is not easy for beginners but if you are dedicated or heart touched, then you can. One can make your bars to reside on people’s minds only if you had expressed your emotions in the same way as you had experienced them. If you really liked our article share with everyone and let’s us know your opinion in comment section.

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